Package i3mclient.i3m

Interface Summary
ErrorListener Listener for receiving all kinds of errors
FormListener Interface for listening status-changes.
LoginGUIListener Inform if a login from gui was successfull
StatusListener Interface for listening status-changes.

Class Summary
AboutGUI This class shows the i3m-about menu
Browser Find and start a local browser.
ComicGUI Display a comic in a window.
CoolButton Own widget to have a button with image and text.
Encrypt Encrypt strings with public key from i3m-server (and add the current session-id for strong security)
GUIText Controls all gui texts (with different languages).
I3M The logic of the main window of I3M.
I3MGUI The gui-part of the main window of I3M.
LoginGUI Creates the login window.
ResourceManager Manage all object, which needed to disposed.
TranslationGUI GUI to translate text.
WindowToolKit Help functions for windows.